Syracuse Auto Repair is Open

To our valued customers:
We here at Rudy Schmid Total Car Care know that you are concerned about COVID -19. We are as well.
We are taking extra steps to ensure your safety at these uncertain times.  Whether your concerns may
be financial or emotional, we understand.

We are fortunate to have been deemed an essential business. We are here for your automotive needs.
Knowing that it is important for all to have a safe vehicle when you return to work, we will make sure
that our technicians get your vehicle in tip-top shape.

We are offering pick-up and delivery of client’s vehicles if needed. We will follow all health guidelines
when caring for your vehicle. It will be returned to you clean and sanitized, including the keys and FOB.
At Rudy Schmid, we’re in your shoes. Our family has lived and worked in the Syracuse community for 90
years. We’ve serviced multiple generations and watched families grow up. We’ve lived through 90
Syracuse winters and understand firsthand the toll that snow and salt and slippery travel can take on our
vehicles. We’ve watched cars get more sophisticated and seen trends come and go, but one thing has
never wavered: the draw of a friendly face and reliable, personalized service. Our grandfather started
the business as an immigrant, with little money, a year after the stock market crash. Our family business
has survived World War II – the Korean War – Vietnam War – Oil crisis of the 1970’s – The Gulf War –
9/11 and our troops overseas since then – and the 2008-2009 Recession…we are here for you now and
will still be here when this passes. Until then, be grateful for our health, our families, friends, co-
workers, neighbors, customers and above all, those on the front lines fighting this.

We are a community and stronger than we think.

We are Rudy Schmid. Let our family take care of your family.