i-car gold class collision repairWe are honored to be an I-CAR Gold Class Professionals shop!

We are excited about this designation because we are committed and work hard, based on a strict training schedule for our staff and annual credit hour requirements, to be I-CAR Gold certified. Throughout the country, there are only about 10% of the auto repair shops that are actually ICAR Gold Certified. We feel it is important to get this certification so that you, our customers, are aware that our team here at Rudy Schmid is up-to-date with ongoing training, technologies, and certifications in all areas of our industry.

“We’ve been fixing Hondas since the early 1970s when our dad was running the shop,” added Diane Schmid-McCall, vice president. “Our I-Car Gold Class designation proves our technician training and experience are the best in the business!”

In addition to our I-Car Gold Class certification, we are also a certified Honda ProFirst Collision Repair Facility. This designation is achieved by only those repair shops with the highest I-Car Gold Class Professional rating, that have additional HONDA course training and specific equipment and materials.

ProFirst Certified“This designation is one we’re proud of,” said PJ Schmid, president. “Our technicians have worked hard to achieve this award, and our designation allows our business to be recommended by Honda.”

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