How Access CNY Keeps 30+ Vehicles on the Road, Non-Stop

Rudy Schmid
December 13, 2019

Access CNY – Brittany Halligan, Associate Director, DDABI Services

With over 3,000 clients and 1,500 employees, Access CNY keeps more than 30 vehicles on the road non-stop. Whether taking clients to jobs or day-hab or transporting teams to residential programs and community habilitation, the vehicles take a pounding with many different drivers keep the vehicles on the road almost every day. There’s one constant: Rudy Schmid Total Car Care is entrusted to keep Access CNY vehicles on the road and safe.

Access CNY, established in 2015 with the merger of two long-time Syracuse agencies, Enable and Transitional Living Services, serves clients with developmental disabilities, acquired brain injuries, mental health issues, and provides clinical services for those with disabilities, educational programs for preschoolers, and home care services. All services empower individuals to reach their unique level of independence.

“We’ve brought our vehicles to Rudy Schmid for 20 years.  They’re local, they’re family-owned, and they give back to the community,” says Brittany Halligan, Associate Director of DDABI Services.  “We met PJ and Diane at an agency event and decided to work with them. They are all about family, and we are, too!”

Brittany continues, “We use all their services from collision repair to routine maintenance.  A majority of our fleet vehicles have wheelchair lifts and the attention that they pay to the detail needed for those lifts to be maintained and to be safe for the people we serve is great.” Brittany also said that Schmid will take a call at 4 pm on Friday and they say, ‘bring it in’.  “That loyalty means everything!” she said.

“We’ve started to use Rudy Schmid’s Rust Check services to get a longer life out of our vehicles.  Multiple employees use our vehicles, and we’re driving them all the time – it’s super important to lengthen the life of the vehicles,” she says.

Access CNY is a not-for-profit organization.  Britany says you get a “…high level of service and great price at Rudy Schmid. They stand by their work, and they treat us with high priority and they’re loyal.”

Brittany recommends Rudy Schmid Total Car Care to anyone in the Syracuse or Central New York area.  Whether it’s for rust proofing, service, routine maintenance, or collision repair work on your vehicles in the Syracuse and Central New York area.  “You can trust them – they’re a great three-generation owned family company.  I don’t know if it gets any better than that.  They’ve been in business over 80 years and that speaks volumes to us.  We recommend them for personal vehicles and fleet vehicles, especially when you’re trying to maintain so many vehicles all at once!  To have somebody who provides the level of service that Rudy Schmid provides – you don’t find that a lot.  The fact that they’re local and they give back to the community? That’s special!”

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