With Schmid Snaps, You Won’t Need to Settle for Less than the Full Value of Your Collision Repair!

Rudy Schmid
April 23, 2021

Maybe you have seen the witty insurance company advertisements where people submit accident photos from their
smartphones to file a damage claim. The message is one of convenience and a quick settlement.

Due to the pandemic, there was an increase in smartphone claims and the trend will be for this practice to continue.

Do not let convenience, a quick settlement, and a funny commercial detract from the importance of trusting repair
professionals to review your damage:

  • The insurance company saves the cost of an appraiser coming to see the damage, which also means there is no
    one to answer your questions about the scope of the repair.
  • The “desk review” insurance representative may have no automotive experience.
  • Without a professional damage inspection, you may be driving an unsafe vehicle.
  • Cars have complex systems that need a professional to identify any hidden BUT related damage, such as
    airbags, restraints, cameras, and sensors.
  • Costs for hidden damages are not included in the “quick” settlement.

Consumers have no idea if the settlement is fair and assume they must find a shop to do the repairs as estimated by the
insurance company.

Additionally, customers have shared with us that the photo “app” is not easy to navigate and therefore not all that

Our data, over several years, show that initial estimates that are 30-50% of what the true and accurate repairs required.
With this difference in the estimates, you may believe that you will be responsible for repair costs that were not included in
the insurance estimate.

The trained professionals at Rudy Schmid Total Car Care can assist with a smartphone claim with their “Schmid Snaps”

Their licensed appraisers will take multiple photos of the damaged areas, identify hidden damage and safety systems
affected. Their meticulous disassembly process will identify what was overlooked in the insurance appraisal. The staff will
answer questions, schedule the repairs, coordinate a replacement vehicle and negotiate a proper settlement. The
insurance company will pay the additional costs.

A picture does not tell the complete story. Trust 91 years of experience and a 5-star reputation to the team at Rudy
Schmid Total Car Care before sending in your smartphone claim.

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