With Schmid Snaps, You Won’t Need to Settle for Less than the Full Value of Your Collision Repair!

Rudy Schmid
March 4, 2019

You’ve seen the television commercials: She has a fender-bender, snaps a photo, and ‘wah-lah’, her check for collision damage repair arrives. What you see is an over-simplified version of the truth – and we never really know if the recipient in that ad ever gets her car repaired.

Imagine someone with a smartphone, whether he or she is a novice user or someone comfortable with the technology, snapping a photo of a dent on their car. They use their insurance company’s app, upload their image, and within days, receive a check. If they “choose” to repair the vehicle, they bring their dented vehicle and their check to us and we share the news that the check is approximately one-third of what it’ll take to repair the vehicle. The customer is flummoxed; how did this happen?

We know how it happened. Sadly, our insurance adjuster partners are one-by-one being laid off and replaced by an insurance claim app. Insurance adjusters were trained to look for damage not readily visible to the casual observer. Good adjusters know that there are more lines of computer code in today’s vehicles than there are in a military aircraft, so they worked with us to make sure all systems in the damaged vehicles are considered when repairs are in order. A smartphone photo doesn’t take any of that into consideration.

Why use our Schmid Snaps service and let us take your photo for you and submit it to your insurance company? Rudy Schmid Total Care of Syracuse is here for you from the moment your car needs an estimate to the time it leaves our shop, fully repaired. When you have a collision, let us start the process for you by taking and submitting the initial damage photo to your insurance company. We know how to get you what you need to repair your vehicle.

And we know how to get the job done right for you. Our technicians are certified by I-CAR, the Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair. I-CAR is an international non-profit organization dedicated to providing the information, knowledge, and skills required to perform complete, safe, and quality repairs. It was formed in 1979 out of a collaboration across six segments of the collision repair Inter-Industry: collision repair; insurance; original equipment manufacturers (OEMs); education, training, and research; tools, equipment, and supplies; and related industry services.

Even worse, what often happens after a collision, even when our customer uses Schmid Snaps and we take the photos, marking the damage on the vehicle with arrows, the insurance company offers less than two-thirds or more than our estimate for the same repair. Because we know the process, we work with the insurance company to ensure the FULL damage is reviewed and properly documented. The result is the full payment for damage repairs. What if the customer had merely accepted the payment and found that no shop in Syracuse would repair his or her vehicle for that small amount?

By using our Schmid Snaps service, we will document the damage for you, submit the claim for you, and work with your insurance company to make sure your insurance payment is complete. Schmid Snaps is easy, it’s free and you won’t be left short of the money you need to get your car completely repaired. And there’s one more enormous advantage: You’ll get your car repaired by Rudy Schmid Total Car – family owned and operated for 88 years and a reputation for the highest quality around.