Is it possible for rust to build up under rust-proof products?

Rudy Schmid
May 22, 2023

The short answer is yes; It is possible for rust to still build up under certain rust-proofing products after it has been applied to your vehicle. The likelihood of this happening will depend on a variety of factors, including the quality of the rust-proofing product, the condition of the vehicle’s metal surfaces, and the environment in which the vehicle is used.

While rust-proofing products are designed to help prevent rust from forming on metal surfaces, they may not be completely effective at stopping all forms of corrosion. Over time, these products can also wear down or become damaged, which can create areas where rust can start to form. This is why it is very important, and we strongly suggest, to use a product such as Rust Check Corrosion Protection and get a yearly application.

Here is an example of a hard, black coating that our team had pulled off a vehicle that had a tar-based product applied. Although the outside looks fine, the back side showed the rust that had built up behind the product. This is why we strongly recommend Rust Check Corrosion Protection as a much better alternative.

build up of rust on vehiclebuild up behind other rust protectants

Additionally, if the vehicle’s metal surfaces are already damaged or corroded, it may be difficult for rust-proofing products to provide complete protection. In some cases, it may be necessary to repair or replace these surfaces before applying rust-proofing products.

Finally, environmental factors such as exposure to salt, moisture, and other corrosive substances can also contribute to the formation of rust, even if rust-proofing products have been applied. It is important to regularly inspect the vehicle’s metal surfaces and apply additional rust-proofing products as needed to help prevent the build-up of rust over time.

When you go to make a rust-proofing appointment, make it a point to ask about the application process and product. You can also familiarize yourself with rust-proofing FAQs. Ensure your care is getting the care you expect, care that will prevent rust and not allow it to build up behind a rust-proof product.

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