Rudy Schmid Total Car Care Expanded Its Footprint!

Rudy Schmid
December 10, 2020

As many of you local Syracuse residents may know, Rudy Schmid has been in the community for decades. Besides providing outstanding collision repair, fleet services, and general vehicle maintenance, Rudy Schmid also provides rust proofing. This side of the business has grown for over the years as it is an important undercoating service Rudy Schmid can provide to protect customers’ vehicles from the harsh New York winters. It all started, what now seems, so long ago.

In February 2014 – Rudy Schmid Total Car Care, was in its 84th year as a family-owned business and broke ground on a new rust proofing facility.  Designed and built by Hayner-Hoyt and financed by NBT Bank, the new $250,000 facility has been providing a dedicated space for RustCheck ™ applications to passenger vehicles, trucks, heavy trucks, and school buses ever since.

In February of 2014, PJ Schmid, the company president said “As the only RustCheck facility in the area, we’ve seen steady growth in this sector. After a school district, for example, makes an investment in a bus, protecting that asset is wise in the long run. Personal vehicle Rust Check applications are on the rise as well.”

The new facility has resulted in the hiring of additional technicians after opening in the spring of 2014 and appointments continue to fill up. Rust proofing and undercoating can be done at any time of the year. We actually highly recommend Spring rust proofing but we find our busiest time of the year is late Fall and the Winter. 

Call today to schedule your vehicle for RustCheck rust proofing.