Spring Driving Tips from Rudy Schmid

Rudy Schmid
January 8, 2020

Spring usually means POTHOLES start popping up in Syracuse, NY! At Rudy Schmid Total Car Care, we can take care of your vehicle’s suspension after an unhappy meeting with a pothole! There are also a few other things to watch out for during our Central New York spring days:

  • Because of April showers, roads may be wet and if the temps drop a little, they will be slick and possibly have black ice – be careful!
  • Watch for puddles that may be hiding potholes – and slow down so you don’t splash pedestrians!
  • Quickly changing spring temperatures can create fog and mist, which lead to reduced visibility.
  • If it’s raining, don’t forget to turn on your headlights when you turn on your wipers!
  • Many drivers simply aren’t as careful as they are when there’s snow on the ground. This is when common sense can save a life: Drive at a reasonable speed and don’t assume that just because the temperature is warmer, that the roads are any safer.
  • Spring is also the perfect time to get your vehicle RustChecked – give us a call and set up an appointment!
Spring Driving Tips