Summer Driving Tips from Rudy Schmid

Rudy Schmid
January 1, 2021

Ah, summer! Finally! But don’t let vacation-fever make you careless on the roads. Yes, school is out but children don’t always look before they cross the street so be extra diligent and watch for them! Before you pack the car for that long summer road trip, consider a 30-Point Check-Up to make sure your vehicle is safe.

Summer Roadtrip Checklist

  • Don’t let your car overheat – make sure to have the hoses, belts, battery, and cooling system checked.
  • How are the tires? To ensure maximum fuel efficiency, be sure your tires are properly inflated. Hot weather causes air pressure to expand, so don’t let an old tire explode!
  • How are the fluid levels? Don’t neglect them!
  • Watch for oil slicks on wet roads – as road surfaces heat up, oil and gas that has dripped from cars can come to the surface, appearing during rainstorms.
  • If you can, hit the road early or late in the day to travel easier in hot weather, as those day times are often cooler.
  • Do NOT leave children or pets unattended in cars. Temperatures can skyrocket even on cool days – don’t allow your loved ones to become statistics!
  • Buckle up, and never drink and drive!
Summer Driving Tips