Rudy Schmid Claims I-CAR Gold Class Status Yet Again

We are proud to announce that our dedicated team has maintained our I-CAR Gold Class status for 2016. This recognition is awarded to auto repair shops throughout the United States that provide the highest level of training to its employees.Rudy Schmid's ICAR Gold Certification

“This Gold Class status is not easily attained,” said Vice President Diane Schmid McCall in a recent radio interview on Sunny 102.1. “These credentials should mean something. It does set shops apart from others that are investing in this ongoing training.”

I-CAR, which stands for the Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair, estimates that only 10 percent of repair shops across the country reach the Gold Class status. A study shows that repair shops who obtain the certification are more productive, have higher performance ratings, shorter rental car time, and higher customer satisfaction.

The I-CAR certification has also allowed us to progress as a business, and also given us the opportunity to achieve other honors and recognition like the Honda ProFirst Program.

“We are certified as though we are respected as a Honda dealer. We get the same warranty package because we have the certification,” Diane said, referring to our certification with the Honda Acura.

While the recognition is terrific, we don’t do this extra training for ourselves; it directly relates back to our loyal customers. When it comes to body and collision repair, our customers are putting their lives in our hands. That isn’t something we take lightly. Our commitment toward professional development gives our employees knowledge of the latest technology, tools and more needed for body repair work. Our team and staff are dedicated toward helping the Central New York community, without any hassles.

PJ Schmid, who also appeared on the radio interview, said it best: “Really do some research on who’s fixing your car. They may or may not have the qualifications.”

With Rudy Schmid Total Car Care, you don’t have to worry about that!