Rust Proofing FAQs

Rust Proofing and Undercoating FAQs

We often get great questions when it comes to rust proofing. We have put together a short list of frequently asked questions pertaining to this service we offer. Please call us with any and all additional questions or to get a quote!hp-bucket-rust-check

What is Rust Check?
Rust Check is the only rust proofing, undercoating service we trust here at Rudy Schmid. This liquid protectant, applied as a pressurized spray, fights and prevents the start and spread of corrosion to your vehicle.

Why should I rust proof my vehicle?
Because who wants to be driving a rusty car? Not only does rust make vehicles look bad, it also affects their performance and durability. Preventing against corrosion and rust can save you costly auto repairs in the future.

How long does the service take?
A typical rust proofing service takes about an hour. An hour a year keeps your car rust-free.

Does this service void any warranties?
Rust Check does NOT void any new car warranties.

Why do you need to drill holes?
Small, half-inch holes are precisely drilled in specific locations of your vehicle so the Rust Check application can effectively protect against rust. These holes are then covered and are hardly noticeable. Again, this will NOT affect any warranties.

When do I need to reapply the rust proofing?
A yearly application is recommended. Rust Check claims that rust proofing once a year will prevent any rust through.

When is the best time to rust proof my vehicle?
If you have never rust proofed your car: NOW! Take a look to see why spring is the BEST time to apply Rust Check to your vehicle.

Can the application wash off?
Rust Check is not vulnerable to simple soap and waters, including car washes. Mother nature’s elements doesn’t interfere with the application.

How does weather affect the rust proof treatment?
Rust Check displaces moisture as it is applied so weather will not affect this rust proof treatment.Rustcheck corrosion prevention_syracuse ny

What differentiates your service from others?
Rust Check, founded in 1973, has been preventing corrosion and rust on vehicles for over 40 years! Our attention to detail and precision during the undercoating process is second to none in Central New York. Competitors offer sealants. Rust check is a penetrant and a rust inhibitor; see the added benefits and features that Rust Check provides over those sealants

Do I get a discount for rust proofing my fleet?
Yes, we do offer multi-car discounts. Call for your quote!

Why do I have to reapply each year?
This is not an annual touch up or visual inspection. To maintain the warranty you get a full application each year.

Is rust proofing cost effective and affordable?
Other products are more expensive upfront. Rust Check spreads your investment out over the life of your vehicle, making it a more cost-effective solution.