Rudy Schmid Goes Green

Rudy Schmid Body and Frame Shop, family owned and operated for 80 years, proudly announces its transition to a green facility.

According to company vice president, Diane Schmid-McCall, Rudy Schmid’s moved to waterborne basecoat paints in August 2009. “By switching to waterborne paints, our shop has reduced its volatile emissions by up to 80 percent, has reduced its hazardous waste, as well as improved the air quality for our workers and our environment. For any shop that mixes an average of ONE gallon of solvent-borne paint per week, the move to waterborne paint annually saves over 300 pounds of volatile compounds from being emitted into the air – this is the same as taking more than 1000 cars off the road each year!”

Waterborne paints, adds company president PJ Schmid, “align with newer technologies used by auto manufacturers, and produces a perfect paint match as well! We are ahead of the EPA green-conversion mandates which take effect in 2011. In addition, our rustproofing product, RustCheck™, is non-petroleum based and is safe for the environment.”

In addition to waterborne paints, Rudy Schmid’s continues to follow EPA guidelines for proper waste management and uses a computerized paint mixing system to reduce paint waste. Other green innitiatives include purchasing oil and antifreeze in bulk, which eliminates packaging waste, as well as recycling all paper, cardboard, scrap metal, and aluminum.

We’ve also joined the local organizations that have passed the strict review of the Onondaga County Resource Recovery Agency (OCRRA) and are now called a Blue Ribbon Recycler! This strongly supports our recent goals of becoming a GREEN company!